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Any entry which is not in compliance with the rules and regulations will be disqualified.


Entries may be submitted by organisations or their representatives. Representatives here refers to an agency or consultancy who worked on the campaign Please ensure that full approval is sought from all parties before submission.


The Velocity Awards are open to professionals, consultancies and organisations who work in the digital space


Time period

  • Best of Digital Awards -A campaign/project undertaken between April 2021 – March 2022 will be eligible for Velocity Awards 2022. The campaign may be ongoing at the time of submission.
  • Team Awards - For B1 to B5 - some organisations, firms, or consultancies may follow January 2021 - December 2021 financial cycle and some may follow April 2021 - March 2022. The ones that follow April 2021 - March 2022 cycle can share audited results of last year and predicted of this year

Avoid using special characters like (' * ^ ")  in file names.


Storyboard and the completed Entry Form must not exceed 2 MB each.


They must be uploaded in PDF format.


Ensure the font size used on the form is 10 or 12, preferably Arial or Calibri font type.


The completed entry form should not run into more than two pages for Best of Digital Awards and three pages for Team Awards.


Ensure that for Best of Digital Awards subcategories - the title of the form and 100 words question must not have your organization name or logo. If your organization name is mentioned, the entry will be disqualified.


Images and logos:

  • For Best of Awards, upload official logos of the brand whose work you are submitting. These logos will be used in the event brochure, on the awards night, and on the website, should you get shortlisted.
  • For Team Awards subcategory (B6) - Individual whose entry is being submitted needs to upload his/her photograph.
  • All logos submitted may only be in .jpg format and file size not exceeding 1 Mb.